"The impossible we do immediately, the miracles take longer."


Business Office Management


Personal Assistant services


  • record and categorize daily payments and expenses
  • send customer invoices and record payments received
  • conduct bank reconciliations every month
  • generate monthly financial statements
  • process payroll
  • prepare the books for the accountant
  • provide year-end financial and tax documents to the accountant

Executive Administrative Assistance

  • maintaining files
  • mailing correspondence to business related (insurance, licensing etc)
  • managing and distributing information between an office and the owner 
  • coordinate office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to requirements
  • supervise administrative staff and divide responsibilities to ensure performance
  • manage agendas/travel arrangements/appointments etc. 
  • manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.)
  • track stocks of office supplies and place orders when necessary
  • submit timely reports and prepare presentations/proposals as assigned

Customer service

  • receiving phone calls from customers and transferring messages to the owner
  • making phone calls to the customers regarding payments reminder, schedule appointments
  • mailing correspondence to the clients 


  • social media management
  • marketing and advertising consultation
  • managing and updating business website, FB page 
  • preparing and/or updating flyers, customers folders 
  • stocking advertising materials

Travel Arrangements

  • helping in travel arrangements
  • daily errands
  • deliveries
  • drop off/pick up packages
  • shopping
  • courier service